Hearthstone: Blackrock Mountain: Grim Guzzler walkthrough w/ video.

This is a simple walkthrough so you can beat the first boss, Coren Direbrew, in Blackrock Mountain.  It’s a pretty easy battle to win and you can win by using any deck with trial and error.  This is also a great way to learn about card combinations and getting to know your card library.  I am going to focus on a simple mage deck using no legendary cards and almost all common/basic cards that most beginner players will have in their library.  There are a few blue gem (rare) cards, although most people should have these as well.  Most of the minions I will have in this deck have spell damage so my low cost spells are amplified.  You can watch the full video below (or here) where I play the deck we are building.

Coren’s hero power costs (0) and puts a minion from each players deck into the battlefield.  This means all Battlecry abilities are null and void.  You can stack your deck with high mana minions since you don’t have to pay the cost, as well as a few low cost minions for the first few rounds.  Use your mulligan if you do not get low cost minions on your draw.  Below is the deck that Coren uses.


Class Card Quantity
Neutral Ancient Brewmaster 1
Baron Geddon 1
Core Hound 2
War Golem 2
Spiteful Smith 1
Force-Tank MAX 2
Mogor the Ogre 1
Dark Iron Dwarf 2
Elite Tauren Chieftain 1
Grim Patron 2
Warlock Succubus 1
Rogue Dark Iron Skulker 2
Warrior Brawl 2
Inner Rage 2
Whirlwind 2
Execute 2
Boss Dark Iron Bouncer 2
Get ’em! 2



You need to be aware that Coren has a Dark Iron Bouncer as well as a Brawl card, so be ready for him to wipe out the field using these in combo, although Brawl works great on its own.

Dark_Iron_Bouncer(14474) Brawl(297)

Using this mage deck I have low cost taunt minions to block attackers as well as lots of spell damage minions so my low cost spells do extra damage.  Using the Flamewalker’s with all the low cost spells is a good strategy to chip away at Coren’s health and minions at the same time.  Using the Mage hero power you can also knock out pesky enemy minions with one health left.

Mage Deck
(18 Minions/12 Spells)

Arcane Missiles (2)
Mirror Image (2)
Goldshire Footman (2)
Shieldbearer  (2)
Arcane Explosion (1)
Frostbolt (1)
Annoy-o-Tron (2)
Kobold Geomancer (2)
Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2)
Frost Nova (2)
Flamewalker (2)
Soot Spewer (2)
Cone of Cold (1)
Dalaran Aspirant (2)
Fireball (2)
Blizzard (1)
Stormwind Champion (2)

As I stated earlier, it’s a very simple battle and you can make a winning deck with almost any class.  I hope that this helped you or gave you some ideas.

Next week we will take on the second boss in Blackrock Mountain, High Justice Grimstone.




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