Kid Dicarus

115556-kid-icarus-nes-screenshot-pandora 311153-kid-icarus-nes-screenshot-a-dangerous-room-in-the-third-fortress 311134-kid-icarus-nes-screenshot-hearts-are-the-currency-used-in 311139-kid-icarus-nes-screenshot-fortunately-i-have-found-the-hospital

I will be uploading videos and blog posts with various “favorite games” lists, but as a first post I must mention one of my all time favorite NES games is… Kid Icarus.  I spent a large chunk of time when I was younger trying to defeat Plutons, Reapers, Monoeyes and Eggplant Wizards.

It goes like this:  Once upon a time in Angel Land, a nubile warrior named Pit has been chosen to defeat the hideous Medusa.  Medusa wants to destroy Angel Land, along with everything and everyone in it, and Medusa has also kidnapped Palutena, the Princess.

From the deep caves of the Underworld to Palace’s in the sky, Pit will need all his dexterity and wisdom to defeat the monsters and ultimately Medusa.  You have a bow & arrow, water of life and angels feathers to help you on your way.

Kid Icarus is a platform game where the player goes through numerous vertical levels, shooting enemies with his bow & arrow on the way and collecting hearts they leave behind.  As Pit continues upwards, more and more of the level ends up beyond the bottom of the screen and if Pit falls down out of the screen, he dies.  Pit earns exp. as he defeats enemies, and he gains levels from this experience. The more levels Pit has, the more maximum health he has.

The levels contain doors which lead to different chambers.  Some are filled with enemies, some are treasures which allow Pit to power-up, some are stores where Pit can purchase items, some will replenish his health.  Some levels Pit will be able to take a test in hopes of getting a powerful weapon, or a strength upgrade.  Hearts taken from enemies are used in shops to buy items and power-ups. Items include a shield which damages enemies, a stronger bow, a hammer, a torch and various other upgrades.

This game is super fun, very hard and the musical score is epic.  I can still hear the theme playing over and over as I cram handfuls of Cheetos into my gullet with oversized glasses of Jolt Cola.  I still enjoy playing this today, although it’s with handfulls of Tings vegan cheetos and bottles of GT’s Kombucha.



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